Terms and Conditions of Reserves

Thank you for having chosen Nuevos Caminos Travel. We ask you read the following terms and conditions travel in order to establish patterns in which will work. Once received your order and deposit we will be signed a contract under the following conditions.



Nuevos Caminos Travel requires the following information to proceed with the book and confirm your holiday. Please take note that this information is strictly confidential, so we agree not make it public, except for certain cases where this information is necessary to protect your personal safety and health (As allergies, medications, medical treatments, restrictions food, etc.)


Necessary Data:

  • Full name (as shown in the Passport or ID)
  • Nationality
  • Number of Passport or ID
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Restrictions food
  • Restrictions of medicine
  • Allergies
  • Address, e-mail and phone home and emergency


We will send a format (TRAVELER DATA) to be filled with the data above detailed.



  • After fact your reservation, Nuevos Caminos Travel you send a reply with confirmation your trip, the same ensuring that the services will be provided according to what recruited.


  • You will ask an initial deposit 50% of total price of the program, after sent confirmation. Balance 50% must be paid 30 days before the beginning of the trip with US.


  • In case there are reservations made within 60 days before arrival, the company request the total payment of the trip the time of the confirmation day.


  • The cancellations for any improvise on your part before 60 days of arrival, the refund will be 20% of the amount advanced.


  • Payments must be made to the account of Nuevos Caminos Travel (Account in PEN) or Carla Beatriz Peralta Alcántara (Account in USD).


  • The company will not assume the bank charges originated by the sending of money, deposits these should be check the country or city of origin.




Nuevos Caminos Travel it reserves the right to cancel a trip in the following cases:


  • When the client has not paid the total payment of their trip 60 days before their arrival there is no refund for the deposit made.
  • Causes beyond our operations that make it impossible to carry out the same (strikes, cancellations of flights, weather conditions) in these terms we will propose possible solutions in order to operate the offered program. The extra expenses caused by any of these additional causes to the program will not be covered by the company.


If you cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing, consider that the deposit required at the moment of the confirmation of the reservation will be returned only 20%. It is cancellation you must arrive in writing stating the reason for cancellation. In case of cancellations within 60 days of the start of the trip the penalties will be the following:


Before the 60 days                              : The deposit

From 60 to 31 days                            : 50% of the cost of the trip

From 30 to 16 days                            : 75% of the cost of the trip

15 days before the day of arrival        : 100% of the cost of the trip


As long as the suppliers allow it.



Nuevos Caminos Travel include carving services in each of their programs and is committed to provide them in their integrity if your trip includes accommodation in hotels, hostels or homestay. The breakfasts are included varying according to the category of accommodation and your requirements.


Remember that the homestay in the communities of Amazonas do not have hot water and in some cases the toilets are silos (contact us for more information).


The guide service we do it in the following way, we use the services of local counselors and your conduit this last one acts as guide and translator according to the case.



  • Airport taxes (national and international)
  • Unsolicited national or international air tickets to the company.
  • Unsolicited bus tickets to the company.
  • Payment of excess baggage
  • Visits and activities not scheduled.
  • Alcoholic drinks, rehydration’s.
  • Non- detailed meals.
  • Tips to the staff (optional)
  • Laundry
  • Travel insurance
  • Expenses incurred due to causes beyond the operation of the company.


Please fill out our physical and medical health form with great care and complete – ness in order to have as much information as possible about you.


SAFE TRAVEL – TRAVEL RISKS (our walks longer than 3 hours)

Many of the walks that Nuevos Caminos Travel offers require good physical condition and health. Please read carefully the indications in each program including certain potential risks during its development damages to your person, involuntary accidents, paralysis, death.


We must understand that these potential risks are part of this type of activities so we suggest you take the necessary precautions when choosing a walk. You must be sure of your limitations and consider your physical and health status and that by taking one of our walks you are considering that these risks mentioned above may occur; for what the company is excluded from any responsibility related to the conditions of each walker. That is why we always suggest providing complete information about your current health status and medical and nutritional conditions.


Nuevos Caminos Travel is committed to providing immediate first aid assistance as our guides and local counselors have the training and adequate equipment to do it. But you must understand that only medical intervention is first aid.


Our guides in conjunction with the walkers will decide the evacuations for which the company will arrange the best way to perform it safeguard their physical integrity. The costs that this evacuation generates as transport, accommodation, extra hospital medical, program changes, extra expenses from the evacuation will be covered only and exclusively by the evacuated walker. Any extra expense caused by changes or modifications in the program due to external causes such as cancellations and flight delays, illness, delays. For bad weather, strike, natural disasters of any kind of causes beyond our operations will be covered by the visitant.


Nuevos Caminos Travel will be able to provide the necessary documents for claims with your insurance company as long as they are feasible to obtain from our suppliers.



Nuevos Caminos Travel directly operates the walks and participation with the local communities counting on equipment and trained for the good development of the same time also at the same time also subcontracts, the services of lodging restaurants, airlines, land transportation and other third parties, which have been qualified in advance, covering the quality standards that you wish to offer to your clients. However, these providers are independent and do not have direct control over them.


Nuevos Caminos Travel cannot assume any problem generated by these suppliers as loss of luggage delays damage but may intermediate in favor of our customers.

The payment of the reservation of our programs approves the detailed terms and conditions and covers our services and all the participants of the same.




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Address          : Jr. Ayacucho 952 Chachapoyas