A place to rest, breathe healthy air, connect and feel free.

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I have a question for you

  • Do you feel stressed and are you dying to escape to feel free and happy?
  • Do you long for nature to take time to breathe and feel more healthy?
  • Are you looking for a great adventure to have a more interesting and fulfilling life?
  • Would you love to travel but you really worry about your safety because of Covid19?

There is only once place to be

Welcome to Chachapoyas, where mountains and cloud forests join forces to bring you wisdom and shelter, and where my community will nurture your body and soul.

What does it feel like?

What do you see?

What do you feel?

What do you hear?

100% pure & personalised experiences

Cuispes Giant Waterfall Forest

Wild Swimming

Co-creating with the women potters of Huancas

  • Each travel or service is designed according to yours needs and craving, lonely, in group, with your family, for the business or as volunteer
  • You still don't know exactly what to do? Navigate on our website and GET INSPIRED.
  • Send us your proposition of perfect journey with the time of which you have at your disposition
  • Our travel designers will send you a first proposition full of imagination and creativity. Together, we will find a travel especially for you.

Why you can trust me

Hello! My name is Marilyn Velásquez Alvarado,I was born and I grew up in Leymebamba, Chachapoyas all my life.
My grand-mother Mercedes was also born here. As we walked from village to village, where she was called upon to be a midwife, she taught me all the secrets of our ancestors.
As a child, I soon became fascinated by the richness of my culture and people. I learned about the purity of life, the true meaning of balance, the strength of freedom, and the beauty of loving oneself and others.
This is why, 13 years ago, I opened Cafe Fusiones, a place to promote local and organic cuisine as well as home-made products. I wanted to share the love and admiration I have for my people, with adventurous travellers.

Soon, I was organising walking, bird watching and wellness experiences for families, independent tourists and friends in groups.
I discovered that travel is the blood that runs through my veins. It is my soul.
My grand-mother taught me how to navigate in life. This year, as I turn 40, I am now compelled to share her secrets with you.
This is why I have created all these new and amazing experiences, online and physical… and my community and I would love to share them with you.

We are ready to travel with you and you are ready to travel with us?

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Marca Perú