We offer three ways of traveling to our clients:

  • In the first way we arrange some services and for the rest of the trip the traveler decides to go alone with a writted guide. Besides this is an original way of traveling, it gives you also the chance to practice the Spanish to achieve a good communication and interaction with the people in the route.**
  • In the second way you’ll experience the same as the individual traveler, but this time traveling in a group, with a tour leader and guides.**
  • The third way is for travelers who only have a day to enjoy our services. With this form your alternative and experiential travel is concentrated in one day, visiting places such as Kuelap, Gocta, Rodriguez de Mendoza or Leymebamba.

**During the first two programs the quantity of days for the trip and volunteering are always flexible. We can provide a tailor-made travel acording to your personal wishes.

Peru as a Southamerican growing country gives many different opportunities for volunteering and it’s always thankfull with the friendly helping hands. Aware of this we work together with non porfit organizations and projects expecting that the tourism can be a very important instrument to interchange positive experiences.

Without being a volunteer agency, we can arrange for you a period of volunteer work, or if you prefer it you can also participate in any other project, in that case we will arrange only your tours.

Get in contact with us and we will help you to choose the best places according to your skills, time and requeriments.