Laguna de los Cóndores

Laguna de los Cóndores


(3 days – 2 night)

Day 1: Go to the Laguna de los Cóndores

After a horseback ride of 9 hours from Leymebamba you will arrive at the house at the Lake of the Condors. You can decide to walk uphill and already have a look over the lake.

Day 2: Visit the tombs

you will walk around the lake and have an incredible look of the lake. You will visit the tombs where the 219 mummies were found, which now are saved in the museum of Leymebamba. Before you visit the lake you will visit the old village of the Chachapoya culture. The people of this village are buried in the tombs at the lake. It will be a 2 hour walk to get on the other side of the lake where you have a magical look over the lake. After having some time to relax you will walk uphill to visit the tombs. You can watch them from the inside and explore all the different interesting wall paintings. Back at the place down at the lake you will have some lunch and time to take a swim in the lake.

Day 3: Arrive to Leymebamba

The next day you will leave early in the morning to arrive late in the afternoon back in Leymebamba.

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