Looking for the lost king of Chachapoya

Mummies and Nature, much to discover



Visit the beautiful village of Huancas, the Gocta waterfall, the ancient city of Kuelap, Tajopampa,  Leymebamba and the Mummies during 8 unforgettable days

(8 days – 7 nights)

DAY 1 Magic meeting: Chachapoyas – Huancas

Morning: We will begin with a visit  to the city of Chachapoyas to appreciate its houses which still retain the colonial and republican style, followed by a visit to the market where we will see a variety of local fruit, bread and vegetables.

Afternoon: Huancas; located 30 minutes from the city of Chachapoyas, is a village of artisans at 2558 metres above sea level. We will receive a brief explanation about the town and then visit a craftsman who will tell us about his art and, if desired, you will have the chance to work with ceramics as well. Then we will begin walking up Sonche Canyon, a beautiful site which is full of energy. There we will have free time to relax, take photos and enjoy the silence and life that mother earth conveys.

DAY 2 The Wonder of Cocachimba – Gocta Waterfall

We begin our tour in the town of Cocachimba, making our way along the highway and dirt road (39km) by private transport while admiring the beautiful scenery of the Utcubamba river valley. When we arrive in town we will get our first glimpse of Gocta, the third tallest waterfall in the world (771metres). On the way to the waterfall we will admire a variety of flowers, plants, butterflies and insects and if we are lucky we will see the Cock of the Rock, a symbol of Peru. Once we get to the waterfall you can enjoy the freshness of its waters, feel the energy of the site and take photographs of this magnificent natural feature. We will have some time to relax before making our way back, happy to have discovered a little bit more of the diversity on our planet.

DAY 3 Between the Andes and the Jungles – Kuelap

Kuelap: Two hours from Chachapoyas we will find the magical ruins of Kuelap, also known as ‘the Machu Picchu of Northern Peru’. As the ruins are part of a fortress, you must first walk up steps to enter. Once you get to the top you can enjoy the beautiful ruins and the amazing view of the mountains from above the clouds. You will have plenty of time to explore the whole site; you can even walk around and look inside ancient houses. One house has been reconstructed to show what the structures looked like at the time of the Chachapoya. You will also get the chance to see llamas here. They are brought to Kuelap to graze on the fast-growing grass covering the stones of the ruins, thus keeping them visible to visitors.

DAY 4 Leymebamba and the Mummies

Leymebamba: Much of the buildings  here are of adobe, and are inhabited by peasants who work on their fields and dairy farms, while women undertake their weaving tasks on the looms. 

Leymebamba museum: We will visit the museum of Leymebamba which holds all human remains (mummies), textiles, ceramics and artifacts of the Chachapoya culture recently discovered at the Laguna de los Cóndores. The museum also includes a modern ethnographic exhibition where you will see how ancient traditions are still practiced in parts of Amazonas.

DAY 5 Leymebamba and the Tajopampa Mausoleums 

Tajopampa – La Petaca: The first day you will visit the tombs of La Petaca. La Petaca is a cliff with four tombs and many wall paintings. You will be able to see the tombs from the house where you will spend the night. The walk to the tombs will take about 20 minutes. These tombs, set at a height of 50 metres, are really impressive.  With binoculars you will get an even better view of the wall paintings and tombs.

DAY 6 Leymebamba and the Tajopampa Mausoleums

Boveda: After a walk uphill you can explore the city of Boveda. Here we will find more ruins of the Chachapoya culture. The people from this city were buried in the tombs of La Petaca and Diablo Huasi. You can still see the remains of the houses of the village. One house has been rebuilt from the stones of one of the original houses (see picture). From the mountain top you will have an amazing view of the Andes.

Diablo Wasi

After a half-hour walk from the city of Boveda you will arrive at the tombs of Diablo Wasi, a steep cliff with several tombs. The higher the tomb the more important the person buried inside. With binoculars it is possible to see human remains inside the tombs. The tombs are decorated with wood and wall paintings. You will have the time to admire the tombs and enjoy the beautiful area. The picture shows the tombs of Diablo Wasi. 

DAY 7 Leymebamba past and present

Women and cultural heritage: Using the ancient art of loom weaving,  the women of Leymebamba produce beautiful crafts with the motifs and designs based on the ancient culture of the Chachapoya. In this way women manage to make their living and help to preserve the historical legacy of their ancestors.

DAY 8 Leymebamba – Chachapoyas

Morning: We travel from Leymebamba to Chachapoyas and in the afternoon there will be free time and then a transfer to the bus station.