Kuélap and the Cloud Forest



Kuelap is situated on the crest of a ridge 3000m above sea level overlooking the Utcubamba River, some 2½ hours from the city of Chachapoyas. Walls towering up to 17m in places surround the citadel forming a massive platform on which temples and more than 420 roundhouses have been built.

As the ruins are part of a fortress, you must first walk up the stairs to enter. Once you get upstairs you can enjoy the beautiful ruins and the amazing view of the mountains from above the clouds.

Your guide will take you through Kuelap, showing you the roundhouse, explaining the life the inhabitants had and the main points of interest. You will have plenty of time to explore the whole site; you can even walk around and look inside ancient houses. One house has been reconstructed to show what the structures would have looked like in the time of the Chachapoya culture.

You will also get the chance to see llamas. Many areas inside the complex are forested and retain the “lost city” feel and as you walk around you will see orchids and hummingbirds.

There have been many archaeological works inside the fort, which is a small paradise for archaeologists. Our guides have been trained by archaeologists who worked at Kuelap.

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