Gocta Waterfall



“The Third Highest Waterfall in the World”

We drive down from Chachapoyas to the Utcuabamba River and follow the awesome canyon downstream for 20minutes. Taking a side road we head up to the village of Cocachimba and we get the first views of Gocta Waterfall in the distance. The hike to the bottom of the the tallest drop takes roughly 2½ hours and passes by fields of sugar cane and pineapples and through pristine forest. With luck in the forest we will get to see the striking cock-of-the-rock and hear or see yello-tailed woolly monkeys. We will have lunch close to the fall before making the return trip back to Cocachimba and on to Chachapoyas.

We make the hike with an orientator from Cocachimba in order to support the valuable local community project. Horses are not included in the cost but can be organized and are another way of helping the community benefit from tourism.

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