Rodriguez de Mendoza


A city of coffee, tropical climate, with good people, amazing lagoons and wonderful valley.

Commonly called Rodriguez de Mendoza, this small city is famous for its tranquillity and peacefulness. For such a small place there are numerous interesting initiatives and places to visit. The dynamic parish church runs Casa Hogar helping children to get an education and teaching them about organic farming methods; to visit Hogar contact us.

The Church  also initiated a social help group of women who now help the old and sick local people in their struggle; to find out more contact us. Mendoza however is mostly known for its coffee. There are numerous coffee plantations in the zone and in the city there is an organic coffee factory, where you can find out all the details about coffee growing and treating.  All the stages will be explained and showed to you; from growing the plant, through to the bean and then to the coffee cup. To book your visit to the plantation and factory please contact us:   Mendoza is also a perfect spot to start or finish your trip to the spectacular Lagoon Huamanpata. The protected area of Huamanpata is the pearl of the zone and definitely a must-see place.  Hiking there requires a bit of time and effort but it is well worth the investment.   If you are looking for a relaxing place that is closer, then you can visit an open air swimming pool in the vicinity of the Casa Hogar.  The swimming pool there is of natural mineral water, the source of which is the spring in a nearby cave.  It is wonderfully clean, has a perfect view and is not expensive to visit. You can also eat here, with fish from a nearby small lake, with the same mineral water, being a firm favourite.   As for other places to eat, you can also visit the TIVOLI Restaurant; serving traditional, local meals, it also caters for vegetarians. This family restaurant has been in existence for over 40 years and is the best in town.   Another good option is Restaurant Elenite in the main square. The meals are served with  organic vegetables from the  owner´s garden, and it does the best afternoon cakes.   The best option for accommodation is the home-stay of Lucha but there are also hotels; two of them worth recommending are Suite Amazons,  which is newly opened and Prince Azul, both decently priced and clean.

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