Leymebamba is a charming village in the mountains, only two hours away from Chachapoyas.

The history of Leymebamba is intertwined  with the discovery made in the Lagoon of the Condors. Until 1996 it was mostly a farmers’ village, but mausoleums discovered at the Lagoon changed its significance and life. The materials from the lagoon were delivered to the closest place; Leymebamba, even though initially there was no museum or other designated place for these important historical remains to be displayed. Soon after however,  the Museum was built, equipped and ready to store mummies and other materials removed from the lagoon. In the process of discovery, re-placing the materials and building the museum the local people actively participated. That was the first sign of changes brought about by the discovery.

Nowadays the significance of the mausoleum of the ancient Chachapoyas culture from the Lagoon of the Condors is widely recognised. Therefore, Leymebamba has developed to became a host to archaeologists and tourists interested in the mausoleum and ancient Chachapoyan traditions.

The discovery has changed  the life of the village in general and on more individual levels.

New places have opened;  the Museum was a start,  but  now there is the excellent restaurant of Doris in front of the museum,  and the guest-house San Miguel ready to host groups of friends, families or individual travellers. Other places  are blooming, like two of the nicest hotels in the centre of the village: Hospedaje Laguna de los Condores and the highly recommended La Casona decorated with antiques and serving great food.

The discovery was an inspiration for local artists; such as the group of AMAL. It also managed to create an artist; Miguel’s latent talent for carving was awakened by his contact with sculptures from the mausoleum.

Leymebamba is still relatively undiscovered but  is definitely worth visiting as apart from the museum, it offers many  attractions. There are numerous ancient walks allowing you to explore the mountains around the village. Also worth mentioning is the exposition room in La Casa de Cultura, where you can see antiques found in the area.

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