Foto: Jhon Aguilar


The city of Chachapoyas is the capital of the Amazonas Region in the north of Peru.

The city’s original location was abandoned due to climatic factors and disease. The present location of the city was founded on September 5, 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Alvarado, at an elevation of 2,235 meters. The city still preserves its wide colonial casonas of big courts and lounges, with roofs made of tiles. Its Plaza de Armas is located to the west of the city and it is a perfect quadrilateral of 100 metres per side. Chachapoyas is unique for its subtropical highland climate and mountain range scenery.

Significant in the economy of this mountain city are the local agriculture, including sugar cane and coffee growing, and tourism.  The city has a busy market worth visiting, interesting architecture and offers pleasant places to spend time  walking or relaxing in. There are a few places in Chachapoyas that are particularly interesting. The obvious one is the Plaza de Armas surrounded by the colonial buildings with their calm splendour. On the main street; Amazonas, going uphill from the plaza, you will encounter half of the Chacha population taking a walk.

In Chachapoyas you can learn more and get involved in the education initiative of priest Diego. He bought the house for children from poor families or families living far from any school and by staying in the Diego’s house in Chachapoyas the kids can get an education in the town’s schools and college. The funds to help run the house come from renting the luxury eco-lodge in Leymebamba. To find out more about the project or visit it please contact us.

Chachapoyas is also an excellent base for exploring the ancient ruins of the Chachapoya culture; like Kuelap or the whole area of Leymebamba with its museum and mausoleum near to the Lagoon of the Condors and Tajopampa.

Kuelap is the most popular visit close to Chachapoyas, however you can find interesting things to do in the vicinity of the town; like a half  day trip to Huancas, (about 20 minutes by taxi). The village of Huancas is located to the north of the city of Chachapoyas, at a height of 2560 metres above sea level. Huancas is famous for its women artisan potters.  From this year the ceramics being made here gained the recognition of the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, in accordance with the Ministry of the Culture.

The ceramics from Huancas are important because of the drawings and designs that combine  traditional ways with  a high level of innovation in the decoration.  Production of these art pieces manages to reinforce the identity of the local community and also strengthens respect for their history. Huancas  also has a beautiful surprise for its visitors but I will allow you to discover  this  on your own…

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