New international tourist campaign in Peru

Today is the big day!

Now you can enjoy the International Campaign to promote Peru. Help us to spread the word and encourage foreign tourists to fall in love with our country.

Five years ago Nuevos Caminos was born with a big dream, to show the hidden beauties of Peru to the world and to do so in a responsible manner for this planet, to do it with respect and to allow visitors to  experience the country through  each and every one of the senses. Come and discover Peru with Nuevos Caminos. You can see our amazing architectural culture at Machu Picchu or Kuelap or visit big lakes like Lake Titicaca and Laguna de los Cóndores or the wonderful high waterfalls  such as Gocta. You can enjoy Peru´s magnificent gastronomy, taking a ceviche on the coast of Trujillo and Lima or enjoy the wide variety of tropical fruits such as chirimoya or pitajaya in Chachapoyas´s market. You can immerse yourself in an ocean of different scents like the orchids of Lake Huamanpata or the wild flowers of Tajopampa. You can hear the sounds of iconic birds like the Gallito de las Rocas in the Cocachimba´s forest or the Toucan in the incredible Tingana, and you can meet with wonderful people, touching their  handicrafts like those of Miguel or of AMAL, the Leymebamba artisans, feel its amazing wildlife and cherish Chachapoyas´s lively culture.
Come to Peru with your five senses, come with Nuevos Caminos, because …with us you will not only visit places, but know them, you’ll meet our people; you will not only take pictures, you will keep the impressions in your mind and you will not only spend a vacation, you will have a whole experience…

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