Something more to know about the Chachapoyas culture!

The official newspaper “El Peruano”  published the following news on its website:

A book about Chachapoyas that summarizes the archaeological research on the prehispanic presence in the Amazon region and bears the title ¨Jucusbamba¨ has just been published. The publication, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, collects and reports on the work of archaeologist Klaus Koschmieder in the north of Lámud village, between the rivers Jucusbamba and Utcubamba, Luya province.

The work, according to the information given by the ministry, provides data on the heritage left by one of the many subgroups of the Chachapoyas culture.  It gives an account of residential settlements, burial grounds, paths, roads, rock art sites, organic debris and other objects that have been found in recent years. The regional director of Culture of Amazonas, José Santos Trauco Ramos says that this work will not only assist scientists interested in the subject, but will also help the general public, as a source of inspiration in their artistic activities.
During the fieldwork  there were three main archaeological sites.

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