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How Are We Different?

We offer unique and high quality sustainable trips.

list We want our journeys to positively impact the destinations visited.

list We are a multidisciplinary team; we know each of our destinations and we are able to create 100% customizable trip.

list We choose the best local service providers for you. We give priority to develop small town tourism by involving communities in a sustainable way.

list Travellers sleep in hostels or bed and breakfasts owned by local families to contribute directly to the local economy.

list We don’t use plastic packaging during any of our trips.

list We work to preserve the forests in Amazonas region by helping to plant local trees.

list We organize internships and volunteer programs to help sustainable development in local communities.

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Meet Our Team

We are a responcible travel agency located in Chachapoyas, capital of Amazonas region in northern Peru.

Marilyn Velasquez
Marilyn Velásquez

Founding Director
is the founder of the company; she is the one who created our responsible travel ideology. Her objective has always been to develop rural community and solidarity tourism by helping communities’ development through training and creating unique trips to northern Peru. She is convinced that through responsible travel, local communities will be able to improve their way of life and that travellers will be able to enjoy memorable experiences by having a privileged contact with nature, culture, communities and the archeological or historical sites that the region offers. Currently, Marilyn lives between Europe and Peru. One month a year she returns to Amazonas to find news destinations and develop each project in the communities near Chachapoyas. .
Sindy Pamela Garro Tafur

is our guide and is responsible for operations. Born in the village of Leymebamba, she has always been immersed in the world of tourism thanks to her father, a local guide. After studying tourism administration, she wanted to introduce tourists to her native region. She originally worked with us developing travel packages and serving in the cafeteria next to the agency. Since then, she has become a full time guide during the high tourist season. Very committed even in her free time, she strives to highlight the work done by her father as a local guide in Leymebamba. She is proud to take over from her father and showcase her beautiful hometown region of Amazonas. Friendly, reliable and responsible, she will help you to discover the most beautiful places in the region.
Carlos Manuel
Carlos Manuel Cruz Alvarado

is our transport manager. He is 29 years old and a Chachapoyas native. Having grown up in the province of Luya, a frequent tourist destination within Amazonas, he well knows all the roads in the region. Passionate about cars and all motorized vehicles, he has travelled around the world and in Peru to discover other cultures. His father was a member of the national police force and he taught him the basic principles of security. Carlos has 7 years of experience in national tourism services and has had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. He will offer you a efficient, trust worthy service while guaranteeing your safety.

Roger Vigo Vargas

Is one of our guides that can accompany you during your time in Chachapoyas. He was born and raised close to Kuelap, about 200 meters away from the walls of the fortress itself. He is currently involved in tourism as a local guide in the Amazonas region and also promotes expeditions to local communities and lesser known attractions. He studied tourism and hospitality at the National University Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza de Amazonas. Since then he became a member of the Community Association of Tourism of Kuelap that works together with the communities to better develop rural tourism project. Roger is proud to be involved in tourism and enjoys his work.

Reservation Policies

Thank you for having chosen Nuevos Caminos Travel. We ask you read the following terms and conditions in order to establish patterns in which will work. Once we receive your reservation and deposit, we will sign a contract under the following conditions.

Nuevos Caminos Travel requires the following information to proceed with bookings and confirm your holiday. Please take note that this information is strictly confidential, so we agree not make it public, except for certain cases where this information is necessary to protect your personal safety and health (As allergies, medications, medical treatments, restrictions food, etc.)

Required Information:
Full name (as shown in the Passport or ID)
Number of Passport or ID
Food allergeries or restricitons
Other allergies
Address, e-mail and telephone number of an emergency contact

We will send a file (TRAVELER DATA) to be filled out with the data above.


After receiving your reservation request, Nuevos Caminos Travel you send a trip confirmation, ensuring that the services will be provided according to what was requested.
We ask for an initial deposit 50% of total price of the program once confirmation is received. Remaining 50% balance must be paid 30 days before the beginning of the trip.

In instances where the reservation is made within 60 days before date of arrival, we request the total payment of the trip once the confirmation email is received.

Any cancellations on your part before 60 days of arrival will be refunded 20% of the amount pre-deposited.

Payments must be made to the bank account of Nuevos Caminos Travel (Please contact us directly for this information)
We are not responsible for bank transfer fees originated by deposits. You are advised to check with your bank for details on any transfer fees and take that into account when transferring.


Nuevos Caminos Travel reserves the right to cancel a trip in the following cases:
When the client has not paid the total payment of their trip 60 days before their arrival. There is no refund for deposits made.

Circumstances beyond our control that make it impossible to carry out the itinerary (cancellations of flights, weather conditions, strikes etc…) in these circumstances we will propose possible solutions in order to operate the offered itinerary. The extra expenses caused by any of these circumstances to the program will not be covered by the company.

If you cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing stating the reason for cancellation. Please be aware that we only refund 20% of the required deposit at the moment of the confirmation of the reservation.

In case of cancellations within 60 days of the start of the trip the penalties will be the following:
Before the 60 days - The deposit
From 60 to 31 days - 50% of the cost of the trip
From 30 to 16 days - 75% of the cost of the trip
15 days before the day of arrival - 100% of the cost of the trip

As long as the providers allow it.


Nuevos Caminos Travel includes detailed services in every journey and is committed to provide them in their full integrity. If your trip includes accommodation in hotels, hostels or homestay, the breakfasts are included (but may vary according to the category of accommodation and your requirements).

Please remember that homestay in the rural communities of Amazonas do not have hot water and in some cases the toilets are outhouses/silos (contact us for more information).

We offer a guided service from local guides and tour drivers, sometimes your driver is the guide and translator depending on the circumstance.


—Airport taxes (national and international).
—Unsolicited national or international air tickets.
—Unsolicited bus tickets.
—Excess baggage fees.
—Unscheduled visits or activities.
—Alcoholic drinks, beverages.
—Non-planned meals.
—Tips to the staff (optional).
—Laundry services.
—Travel insurance.
—Expenses due to circumstances beyond our control.
Please completely fill out our physical and medical health form with great care so we can according organise tours fit for you.

SAFE TRAVEL – TRAVEL RISKS (for hikes longer than 3 hours)

Many of the hikes that Nuevos Caminos Travel offers require good physical condition and health (please carefully read the indications involved with each journey). Some hikes do pose certain potential health risks (involuntary accidents, paralysis, or in some instances death).

One must understand that these potential risks are part of these type of adventure activities so we suggest you take the necessary precautions when choosing hikes. You must be sure of your limitations, know your physical health status when choosing one of our hikes, considering that the risks mentioned above could occur and that Nuevos Caminos Travel is excluded from any responsibility related to the conditions of each hiker. That is why we always suggest providing complete information about your current health and medical status, as well as nutritional conditions.

Nuevos Caminos Travel is committed to providing immediate first aid assistance. Our local guides and drivers have the training and adequate equipment to do it, but you must understand that the only medical intervention on our part is first aid.

Our guides, together with the hikers, will discuss and decide any evacuations. Nuevos Caminos Travel will arrange the best way to do it in order to safeguard your physical integrity.

Any extra costs that this evacuation may generate, such as transport, accommodation, hospital fees, medical fees, itinerary changes, will be covered only and exclusively by the evacuated hiker.

Any extra expenses caused by changes or modifications in the itinerary due to external causes such as cancellations or flight delays, illness, bad weather, strikes, and natural disasters of any kind are causes beyond our control and will be covered by the client.

Nuevos Caminos Travel will be able to provide the necessary documents for claims with your insurance company as long as they are feasible to obtain from our providers.


Nuevos Caminos Travel directly operates the hikes and participation with the local communities, using equipment and trained personnel for the proper development of such experiences. We also subcontract services of lodging, restaurants, airlines, land transportation and other third party providers, all that have been qualified in advance to ensure you the best standards. However, these are independent providers who operate according to their own terms, and Nuevos Caminos Travel does not have direct control over them.

Nuevos Caminos Travel is not responsible for any problem generated by these providers, such as loss of luggage, delays, or damage, but we of course may intermediate in favor of our customers.

The payment of the reservation of our itineraries includes the detailed terms and conditions, and covers our services and all the participants.


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Address : Jr. Ayacucho 952 Chachapoyas

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