Pachamama day!!!

Pachamama Day. Congratulations and Nuevos Caminos appreciates all the wonder that  the earth gives us. “Pachamama, Santa tierra, Kusiya, Kusiya”. In  Quechuan-Old Castilian verse this is translated as “Pachamama, Holy Earth, Help us to be lucky!” …Pachamama, Happy day!

Peru, Empire of hidden treasures!

  There are many stunning and magical cultures which developed in our beloved Peru.  Nuevos Caminos agency offers you the chance to have a unique experience enjoying and getting to know them, such as the  Moche culture with the beautiful Huaca del Sol y la Luna and  the Chimú  culture with the imposing ruins of […]

The Moche culture

Within the web ¨History of Peru¨  you can find the following article about the Moche culture: Mochica culture, also called the Moche culture, is a pre-Columbian culture that spread along the north coast of Peru, approximately between 100 AD to 700 AD and was a contemporary civilization to the Nazca culture that occupied the southern […]

Something more to know about the Chachapoyas culture!

The official newspaper “El Peruano”  published the following news on its website: A book about Chachapoyas that summarizes the archaeological research on the prehispanic presence in the Amazon region and bears the title ¨Jucusbamba¨ has just been published. The publication, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, collects and reports on the work of archaeologist Klaus […]

The Jewel and the Cloud Warriors

With this documentary you can learn about the Chachapoyas culture, but you can also appreciate some of the places visited during our tourist routes such as: Gocta Waterfall, Kuelap, Leymebamba Museum, La Petaca, Diablo Wasi, Laguna de los Cóndores, etc… Come and make your trip an unforgettable experience, combining archaeology with a deeper understanding of the […]

Chaparrí, an example to enjoy!

Chaparrí is a conservation area managed by a rural community located in the dry forests of northern Peru. It’s a great place to see wildlife and birds, or just to relax. Tourists can visit the Serpentarium or go to the rescue centre for the Spectacled Bear with a local guide and see the bears in […]