Marilyn Velásquez Alvarado

My name is Marilyn Velásquez Alvarado. I am 32 years old and was born in Leymebamba, a small village where I spent my childhood amongst rivers and mountains. After completing primary school my family decided that studying in a bigger city on the coast would give me more chances for a better future. That is […]

Fran Delgado

Hello, my name is Fran. I live in Leymebamba and I am 32 years old. I completed a degree in physical education at the University of Seville and the University then offered me the position of project coordinator for  CAVILE (Improving quality of life of citizens of Leymebamba) in Leymebamba, Chachapoyas. My life has taken […]

Sinecio Garro Gutiérrez

Sinecio Garro Gutierrez was born and raised in Leymebamba. He is 47 years old and is a farmer. However, since the discovery of the mummies in the Laguna de los Cóndores he decided that he would like to work as a local guide because he discovered that what he particularly enjoys doing is to show […]

Roberto Cabrera

“I was lucky to be the first son in a 5 children family; I was born in the middle of austerity, becoming stronger with the needs which I have lived.  As I couldn´t study a degree, I have learnt everything from the life and it was a challenge for me. For this reason I appreciate […]

Lolo Matos

Lolo Mato is a young priest who won us over  by his great heart, his kindness and because of the beauty of his photographs. Lolo was born in Spain, in a village in the Extramadura region and has been the priest in Rodriguez de Mendoza for a number of years. Loving the natural environment and […]