Miguel is from Chachapoyas and that is where he lives and creates. Initially worked as a farmer; he is one of the local farmers to discover the mausoleum in the Lagoon of the Condors. The discovery changed all his life; since then he started to develop curiosity about ancient Chachapoyas art. That curiosity leads him to try to recreate the sculptures found in the mausoleum. All the circumstances are on his side; he is collaborating with archaeologist and then, in 2000 starts to work in the newly open museum of Leymebamba. There he can study in details all the sculptures and sarcophagus from the mausoleum. It is then, in 2000, when he starts to carve in wood. Initially it is only curiosity of trying to recreate the forms, soon he realise that it is his mission to keep that traditional art alive.