Roberto Cabrera

“I was lucky to be the first son in a 5 children family; I was born in the middle of austerity, becoming stronger with the needs which I have lived.  As I couldn´t study a degree, I have learnt everything from the life and it was a challenge for me. For this reason I appreciate what I have got in the life until now.

The most important in my life are the feelings and also my children and wife. Today, I think and believe life has given the opportunity to learn what i needed to life and be happy.

I am a little bit suspicious until people don’t demonstrate the opposite and I don’t make new friends easily. I am a naive person. I like to observe people and to think and analyze everything that they tell me. I have a sense of humour and I like to help people, to be grateful with someone who helped and forget the bad moments because the life is only one and days flying.

I love to be far away from the city, the noise and the pollution; the natural landscapes, the calness and fresh air are the best medicine to grow up and mature. Today, I think that this profile helped to fell in love for Huamanpata.  Although at the beginning I was breeding cattle as everyone, but I wanted to do something unique and different.

Five or six years ago people from Mendoza and other places were coming to Huamampata to visit me and they said that it was a marvelous place and with a huge touristic potential; so, the idea to create something comfortable for these people was born.

The idea was growing up step by step at the same time that it was becoming a reality. After I met some friends who gave me some good advices to improve the project after visiting the place and it was as I used my tools and experience as carpenter to start to build the cabins.

It was a hard work for two years. The tiredness and discouragement if the idea would work sometimes was bigger that the project and because my family was involved also in this project. They sometimes criticize my idea, but it was something which I have felt before. So, the reason to keep going on was my future and my love for Huamanpata. Now, I am proud of finishing nearly this challenge and I am delighted to live in this place. There are no words to describe how happy I am for living in Huamanpata, so I can only invite you to visit it and don’t want never to come back”

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