We are a young Alternative Tourism Agency that gives to the travelers the opportunity to know the amazing and diverse landscapes from Peru having at the same time a close contact with its habitants.

We prefer the responsible tourism, protecting cultural and natural environment, for this reason we began with a still growing fund designated to CO2 emission compensation.

It’s also in this projects where you can do volunteer work, what in combination with our tours will give you a profound knowledge about Peru. Our goal is to let you enjoy your trip as much as our people will enjoy your visit.

Nuevos Caminos is not just about making money, but it is also an opportunity to distribute money more equally over villages and its habitants, by developing micro economies, generate alternative jobs and establish true contact between human beings.

My name is Marilyn Velásquez Alvarado. I am 32 years old and was born in Leymebamba, small village where I spent my childhood amongst rivers and mountains. After completing primary school my family decided that studying in bigger city on the coast will give me more chances for better future. That is why I moved to Trujillo, to finish college and university. While studying Tourism at the National University of Trujillo I started to feel more appreciation, love and connection with my land. I also started to discover the huge potentials of the region of Amazonas for the sustainable, responsible tourism. After completing University I dedicated my time to organise that kind of tourism; sustainable, working closely with the local communities. In 2004 I started my work in Huanchaco where I’ve learn a lot about management of enterprises carrying social responsibilities. Therefore thanks to my bosses I managed to put in practise my projects. While working in a restaurant, in 2007 we decided with my best friend to open the tourism agency Nuevos Caminos. The idea behind it was to show to visitors the real Northern Peru and at the same time to help the local communities in developing their small enterprises through trainings and consultations provided. That would give a way to improve their services.  That improvement would be beneficial also for our agency. All our activities would be organised in sustainable manner, with respect for nature and also for visited local communities. In December 2008 I decided to leave my position in a restaurant and dedicate my time and energy only to the agency. With my friend we decided to move our agency to our homeland; region of Amazonas. We also researched the market and came out with the idea of opening in April 2009 of a new enterprise: Cafe Fusiones. Cafe is a way to promote agency and local communities through use of regional organic products; for instance coffee used in the bar is also an advertisement of the coffee trail we offer in the area of Rodríguez de Mendoza. My work in the travel agency and cafeteria is combined with consultations given to local organisations and institutions. In 2010 my friend and business partner decided to leave the agency and since then I was managing it alone. In 2011 I took opportunity to travel to Japan to undertake the course in Regional Sustainable Tourism which added to my work with local communities of my region. Moreover the trip was a beginning of my relationship with Fran, and of our work together in the agency. We combined our efforts in order to improve the local enterprises and the experiences offered to the tourists. I use to say that I have two children; the travel agency and the cafeteria but now with all the pride and happiness I can say that soon my first child will be born, and that is one more fruit of my cooperation with Fran.

Hello, my name is Fran, I live in Leymebamba and I am 32 years old. I completed degree in physical education at University of Seville and I was offered by the University position as a CAVILE (Improving quality of life of citizens of Leymebamba) project coordinator in Leymebamba, Chachapoyas. My life has taken many turns, took me around the world before arriving in this region of the Andes. I was born in Seville, Spain and spent first 20 years of my life on my land. I entered the army as a professional, then I left  to work in London as a computer designer. When I finished my contract I returned to Spain. After a while I went to Berlin to work as a computer programmer. It was there that my life changed overnight. I decided to leave the work with computers and devote myself to what I always dreamed of; physical education. I returned to Spain and finished the University with honors, and then moved to work in Boston, next to Harvard as physical education teacher. I return to Spain to complete a postgraduate degree in active tourism in the natural environment. This is where I discover the physical education methodology: “pedagogy of adventure”. Since then I kept designing and developing physical activities which help to you to restore internal balance as well as balance with the others. I was then offered a volunteer teacher position in Peru in education, health and psychology project: CAVILE. As a part of the project I am teaching the modern interactive methods of education to all level teachers, starting from primary school up to the university. After first year I was appointed the project coordinator for CAVILE. Here in Chachapoyas at the Café Fusiones I met Marilyn and I loved both. Now expecting our child we both work in this eco-friendly travel agency. Here we create alternative trips designed for tourist who seeks to admire the nature and local culture respecting both. We wish to offer life-changing experience to those open for other cultures, wanting to learn and deepen the knowledge about humanity. All this is possible through the Pedagogy of Adventure, and we want to give possibility of development not only to tourists but also to companies searching to improve relations between workers.
Now we have a whole life full of adventures ahead and I wish to share this experiences with you.

Sinecio Garro Gutierrez was born and raised in Leymebamba. He is 47 years old and is a farmer. Since the discovery of mummies in the Laguna de los Cóndores however he got the idea of working as a local guide because he discovered that he enjoyes to show what we have in the town. In particular he was pleased to work rescuing the mummies of the lagoon, which helped archaeologists in excavations.

In this work he was responsible for the transport of mummies and all the materials that were found in the tombs. Then he started to work on the restoration and conservation of Kuelap with the “Plan COPESCO”. That’s where he picked up interest to work as a guide because he learned a lot from archaeologists and restorers. Now he is a guide because he adores to exchange ideas with people who visit us because one can learn a lot from them. Work as a guide for Sinecio was a great opportunity to become aware of our cultural, natural and archaeological heritge and to learn respect for the environment.

Roberto Cabrera Vargas. I was lucky to be the first son in a 5 children family; I was born in the middle of austerity, becoming stronger with the needs which I have lived. As I couldn´t study a degree, I have learnt everything from the life and it was a challenge for me. For this reason I appreciate what I have got in the life until now. The most important in my life are the feelings and also my children and wife. Today, I think and believe life has given the opportunity to learn what i needed to life and be happy. I am a little bit suspicious until people don’t demonstrate the opposite and I don’t make new friends easily. I am a naive person. I like to observe people and to think and analyze everything that they tell me. I have a sense of humour and I like to help people, to be grateful with someone who helped and forget the bad moments because the life is only one and days flying. I love to be far away from the city, the noise and the pollution; the natural landscapes, the calness and fresh air are the best medicine to grow up and mature. Today, I think that this profile helped to fell in love for Huamanpata. Although at the beginning I was breeding cattle as everyone, but I wanted to do something unique and different.

Lolo Mato is a young priest who won us over  by his great heart, his kindness and because of the beauty of his photographs. Lolo was born in Spain, in a village in the Extramadura region and has been the priest in Rodriguez de Mendoza for a number of years. Loving the natural environment and sport, he has dedicated his life to helping others through projects like the Casa Hogar in Mendoza. Here he has helped many families with the education of their children and the implementation of a self’-sustaining organic garden. Through the church, he met Roberto and Carmen, and with Marilyn, they have developed the project at Huamanpata, which has culminated in the Eco-lodge bungalows at  Alpahuaman. Through an association back in Spain, he continues to support Peruvian families, in order to help the young people to finish their university courses and by offering financial support for local environmental projects.

Lolo is one or our agency´s photographers – he has won several awards in this locality for his photographs, which help to spread the word about the beauty of Amazonas province.